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Introduction to Spiritual Investment

Like many, I suspect, I am sometimes led astray by opportunities to indulge. Constant bombardment by advertising increases my FOMO and so I see Capitao as an outlet to stay on the path of a journey I choose.

Spiritual investment is not a religion, but the application of humanity to economic decision making. Essentially, the focus is not on impulsive or ostentatious spending, but on the practice of mindful investing for a fuller life. There is growing scientific backing of health and social well being benefits from practices such as mindfulness and kindness. The development of presence further brings conscious deliberation to making decisions that affect our economic and financial lives.

Through Capitao, I hope we can share lessons from experiences and academic research that aid in spiritual development. I invite you on a journey with me to explore this concept more to see how you too can improve your life.

As unique individuals, we have our own strengths and preferences for perceiving reality. The following lenses will be used to gain insight into the intersection of money and happiness:

  • Biology – the study of life, including structure, function, and evolution. As our ancestors had to survive through treacherous environments, we evolved with brains inclined for impulsive and emotional responses.
  • Psychology & Economics – psychology seeks to explain our behaviors while economics focuses on decision making. The two have grown closer to one another as we discover that people are driven by many factors.
  • Culture – humanity has accomplished what it has due to society. Across time and geography, people have valued different traits that extend or go against our biology. These shape our behaviors and views of the world.






Spirituality is the quality of being concerned with the happiness of our inner spirit over physical materialism. Practices, such as yoga and meditation, stress the importance of mindfulness. Naturally, we ruminate over stressful situations. These can negative emotions that refuse to dissipate as we continue to replay a memory or anxiety about a future event manifested in playing out everything that can go wrong.

By recognizing these states of mind one can stops the cycle of negativity and improve critical decision making. Without mindfulness, people around the world search for external sources of happiness to drown out their pain. Farmers in Africa rarely have access to finance, but instead of investing in yield multiplying fertilizers and drought resistant seed, they spend much of their incomes on entertainment. Likewise, many people in the developed world do not plan for their future by saving for retirement or investing in healthier lives.

What do you think?


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